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You are at OEQuest : Equipment : ASE Sources : C-Band ASE Sources : Broadband ASE Source, 40nm Benchtop, C-band
Broadband ASE Source, 40nm Benchtop, C-band
Broadband ASE Source, 40nm Benchtop, C-band The Optilab ASE-C-B is an Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) based broadband light source, designed for general laboratory applications. The ASE-C-B is a reliable and cost-effective benchtop unit that can be ordered with various output power levels. The LD operating temperature and drive current are precisely monitored by a microcontroller to ensure constant output power and emission wavelength stability. With its simple and intuitive front panel interface, the user can control the ASE source output power level by adjusting the drive current along with local and remote status monitoring.
Please call +1(480)719-1502 or email for more info.

➤ Emission wavelength 1527nm - 1565nm
➤ Minimal ripple in emission spectrum
➤ 980nm pump
➤ Up to 100mW Total Power
➤ Monitoring and control Via USB
➤ Optional Variable Optical Attenuator

➤ Fiber Sensors
➤ Optical Tomography
➤ DWDM component characterization
➤ Optical Gyroscope

Downloadable PDF Datasheets:
ASE-C-B Datasheet

Downloadable Images:

Manufacturer:  Optilab
Part Number:   ASE-C-B
Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs
Lead Time:   3-4 Weeks
Base Price: $2,950.00
Optical Connector

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