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You are at OEQuest : Equipment : Fiber Amplifiers, EDFA

OEQUEST.COM is proud to feature the world's largest online catalogue of Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs). C-Band, L-Band, and C+L-Band models are available with various output powers and housing options.

Customers can purchase EDFAs online or generate a quote with the OEQUEST.COM Instant Quotation System.

Custom EDFAs designed to meet specific customer requirements are also available. Please call 1.888.553.3888 or email for more info.

Fiber Amplifiers, EDFA
 EDFA, C-Band, L-Band, C+L Band
12 categories
 Gain-Flattened EDFA for DWDM, Booster, In-line, Mid-stage Access
6 categories
 High Power Fiber Amplifiers, Er/Yb double-clad, Up to 40dBm
20 products
 Polarization Maintaining (PM) EDFA, 17dBm to 36dBm
35 products
 Optical Pulse Amplifier, peak power to 10KW
3 products
 Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA), Up to 30dB attenuation
7 products

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