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You are at OEQuest : WDMQuest : 8. M-Z Interferometer : Electro-Optic Bias-Free Modulator : Compact Bias-Free, Single Polarization Intensity Modulator, 3 GHz Bandwidth
Compact Bias-Free, Single Polarization Intensity Modulator, 3 GHz Bandwidth
Compact Bias-Free, Single Polarization Intensity Modulator, 3 GHz Bandwidth The 3 GHz bias-free intensity modulator is housed in a compact package. The bias point of the Mach Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) is set to operate at the half-intensity point (quadrature). Due to this unique design, a complicated bias control circuit is not required. The modulator provides superior signal quality over a wide range of wavelength in the C and L-bands. This modulator can be used to modulate unpolarized light source such as: tunable lasers and ASE sources. These devices have a bandwidth of >3 GHz that can be used for both analog modulation, optical pulse generation, and digital data modulation. This device is built with proton exchange waveguide, so it contains a built in polarizer.


Bias-free Operation for Fast Transmitter Development and Manufacturing
Built-in 20 dB Variable Optical Attenuator
Single Package for Less Splicing, Lower Overall Insertion Loss and More Usable Board Space
1535 nm to 1565 nm Operation, L-band Versions Available
Low Drive Voltage, Compatible with Commercial Drivers
Low Chirp for max. Transmission Distance (1000 km min.)
Voltage-controlled Lithium Niobate Attenuator Provides Proven High Reliability


Medium and Long-haul DWDM Transmission Requiring Dynamic Optical Power Leveling
Transmitters with Limite Component Space

Downloadable PDF Datasheets:
IM-BF1001 Datasheet

Part Number:   IM-BF1001(WDMQuest)
Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs
Lead Time:   3-4 Weeks
Base Price: $1,200.00
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