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You are at OEQuest : Devices : Control Boards : Modulator Bias Control Board, Four Bias Mode
Modulator Bias Control Board, Four Bias Mode
Modulator Bias Control Board, Four Bias Mode The Optilab BCB-4 is a compact bias control board designed to maintain the linear operating point of optical intensity modulators. Featuring a compact miniature design for OEM integration, the BCB-4 allows for a stable Q+, Q-, Min and Max operation over long periods of time. With a USB 2.0 DC power and monitor interface standard, the BCB-4 unit is the ideal choice for industrial and OEM applications when paired with any of Optilab’s wide variety of optical modulators. Please contact us at +1(480)719-1502 or email for more info.

➤ Q+, Q-, Min, Max bias setting modes
➤ USB 2.0 Interface for Power and Monitoring
➤ 4-Pin Connector for PD Current In, DC Bias Out
➤ Compatible with all MZI Optical Modulators
➤ On-board Photodiode

➤ Analog lightwave modulation
➤ Full Bandwidth RFoF transmission
➤ RF/IF signal distribution
➤ Satellite communication
➤ Optical communications

Downloadable PDF Datasheets:
BCB-4 Datasheet

Downloadable Images:
BCB-4 Large Image (169079 bytes)

Manufacturer:  Optilab
Part Number:   BCB-4
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs
Lead Time:   In Stock
Base Price: $1,095.00

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