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Featured Products

1310nm DFB Laser Diode, 100mW, PM
The Optilab DFB-1310H-PM is designed for RF over Fiber (RFoF) systems, to be utilized in combination with an external optical intensity modulator, such as a standard LiNbO3-based Mach-Zehnder modulator.

1550 nm Phase Modulator, 5 GHz, PM, FC/APC
PM-1550-5-LD phase modulator is a high performance, 5 GHz LiNbO3 modulator. It uses polarization maintaining (PM) input and output fibers, making it easy to integrate with other optical components.

1550nm Intensity Modulator, 40GHz, PM
The Optilab IML-1550-40-PM-V Intensity Modulator is designed for analog modulation of up to 40 GHz for microwave links, antenna remoting, and RF over Fiber.

Tunable 1540nm VCSEL, SM, TEC
The Optilab VCSEL-1540-T is a wavelength tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) diode in A band.

25dB, 1064nm Pre-Amp YDFA
The Optilab YDFA-PA-MSA is a high-gain Dual Stage Pre-amplifier module in a multiple source agreement footprint housing. It is an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution for photonic subsystems, OEM integration, and fiber optic system integration.

30GHz Photodiode, K-type, AC Coupled
The Optilab PD-30-M is a 30 GHz photodiode module designed for RF over Fiber, antenna remoting, and broadband RF transmission applications using single mode optical.

40GHz EAM Lightwave Transmitter
The Optilab LT-40-E-M is a 40 GHz lightwave transmitter module designed for RF over fiber, antenna remoting and broadband digital communication.

Programmable Variable Optical Attenuator
The Optilab VOA-C-M series is a programmable module variable optical attenuator, ideal for general lab testing and various applications such as EDFA amplifier qualification, DWDM system characterization, and loss simulation.

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